Fascinating Objects

French Seltzer bottles

These unusual amber-colored seltzer bottles from Annemasse were seen recently at La Grange du Leman.

Turn of the Century selzer bottles in a variety of colors can be found at many antique shops and flea markets in the region. They look wonderful in a kitchen window!



Luge ancienne

A charming antique Swiss sleigh, probably sometime around 1880, perhaps earlier. Wrought iron and wood.

Would look great with a plant on it, or next to a fireplace at Christmas piled high with presents.

Seen in the Karlen's shop at: Le Grenier de La Cote

Alarm clock box

It looks like a small reliquary, but in fact is it a little box used by farmers in Upper Savoy to hang their alarm clocks on the wall.

I have not been able learn the reason for this tradition, but one dealer suggested to me that if the alarm was hanging on the wall across the room, the farmers would be forced to actually get out of bed making it more likely that they would stay awake!

Typical Haute Savoie alpine object: Can be found in flea markets and at dealers specializing in Alpine antiques such as Veyret in Thones.