More about Vacherin Mont d'Or cheese

Vacherin Mont D’Or must be kept in a cool place (5-8 degrees centigrade) and should be eaten within a few days of purchase. Like a good wine, it should be allowed to chambrer, or come to room temperature several hours before being eaten.

Cut into triangles, the cheese can be served as desert, or as a main course. The crust is not eaten. In the Lac de Joux area Vacherin is often served with small boiled potatoes, known as berbots in the local argot. At the table of cheese-maker Remy Rochat, table, it is frequently paired with roesti and green salad, and sometimes even with Tuna fish, a combination Remy claimed was delicious but a bit hard on the stomach!

Vacherin Mont D’Or can also be eaten hot, like fondue. A recipe I picked up in Coop a few years ago calls for removing the Vacherin from its wooden box and sangle, and placing it in a small casserole around the same size as the cheese. Hollow out a small cylinder in the middle of the cheese around the thickness of your thumb and fill it with a local Swiss white wine. Then place the casserole in the oven for around 20 minutes at 200 C. Together with crusty bread and a green salad this is a perfect meal for apres-ski.