Food and Wine Treats from A to Z
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Amigne de Vetroz Refreshing aperitif or dessert wine making a comeback in the Valais - it was first brought there by the Romans!
Arugula Wonderful peppery salad leaf also known as rucola, roquette or rocket cress.
Boutefas or Botatos Plump vaudois sausages, a specialty of the region, eaten cold or warm.
Maierli Delicious tiny chocolates from Cafe Maier in Morges
Mozzarella di bufala You'll never go back to ordinary processed Mozzarella...
Tarte a La Creme Wonderful local speciality - like a very thin creme brulee on pastry crust! The best one we have found can be enjoyed at the Auberge de Dully
Vacherin Mont d'Or Rich cheese from the Swiss and French Jura, in season from October to March.