Botatos at La Cezille butcher's shop

Botatos or Boutefas - Vaudois Sausages

The name of these robust country sausages comes from the patois for "Boute La Faim," or "end to hunger."

The vaudois consider these bulbous shaped sausages so distinctive that in September 2000 the cantonal charcuterie association asked the Swiss government to grand them an l'appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) for the term Boutefas. These "names of controlled origin" prevent products produced outside the region from using the same name, as is most famously the case with wines which cannot be labled "Bordeaux" or "Bourgogne" if they do not come from those regions of France.

The Charcuteur's application states that this vaudois sausage has been known in the region since 1634, initially under the term "bourrifas " and later " Boutefas " and defines it as a large sausage closed with a single string. (un gros saucisson fermé par une seule ficel). Connoisseurs say the plump shape keeps the sausage inside moister is the case with Boutefas' thinner cousins.

Not all charcutier have chosen to use the appellation controlé which restricts them to a certain formula.

Boutefas can be eaten sliced cold or boiled. See recipe for warm Boutefas.