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The Glorious Six-Spot Burnet

The beautiful Six-Spot Burnet moth is commonly found in meadows and woodland clearings across Switzerland from June to August. The red spots on this day flying moth are a warning to potential predators like birds and lizards that it is poisonous. When attacked it emits a liquid containing cyanide.

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Walking the Combe des Amburnex

This beautiful easy walk takes you through Jura mountain pastures and forests with a stop at a classic “alpage – a mountain farm where cheese is produced the old fashioned way. It takes around 2.5 hours at an easy pace. 

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Fete des vignerons – Night Parade

The Parade de Nuit held each evening after performances of the 2019 Fete des Vignerons is a symbolic celebration of the cyclical life of the vineyard – workers, birds and insects.

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Chateau d’hauteville – Vevey

The magnificent Chateau d’Hauteville near Vevey overlooking Lake Geneva has been home to the Grand d’Hauteville family for two and a half centuries. Since its early days, the family has had ties to the United States...

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